Monkeys playing with dynamite

The proposed GOP tax overhaul is nothing more than the politics of quid pro quo blended with juicy lies and delusional rationalizations to produce a cocktail they hopessvs-kb_128 they can trick us all into drinking. This bill’s supporters claim that giving trillions of dollars to big corporations will somehow trickle down to everyone. This is simply more warmed over voodoo economics that George Bush Sr. railed against decades ago. Many of these corporate beneficiaries are flush with cash. If they planned to invest in new factories or jobs they would have done so already.

Does anyone really believe that these corporations instead of increasing profits for their stockholders will suddenly act differently than they have ever acted and do altruistic things that help improve the world or people’s lives? Really? Who out there still believes greed is a force for good? I’ve got some hot stock in a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

What bothers me even more than this stale disingenuous GOP voodoo economics is how this bill is dangerously tilted toward disaster. For example, this bill abruptly drives a voodoo pin into the heart of the $7,500 Federal subsidy for buying an electric car while keeping $4.6 billion worth of subsidies for oil, gas, and coal. The bill abruptly cancels the e-car tax credit effective December 2017. That’s right. Less than 2 months from now. There is no phase out, no time to react, just a quick bullet to the head before the new year. This is one more sign—as if we needed one more sign—that the Grand Old Party harbors true distain and hate for anything green especially if its connected to Obama or Clinton. Solar, wind, zero emission cars, slowing climate change, clean air and water. Against it. Against it. Against it. Against it. Don’t they care at all about the irreparable harm their last gasp of fossil fueled “progress” is going to do to the future? I guess not. Greed is good! Maybe these gilded dinosaurs figure their wealthy grand kids will live in super clean bubble cities high above the rising seas while the rabble breathes green air and hopefully drowns before they’re old enough to collect social security?

Any ostrich on the right, left, or center who pulls their head out of their ostrich hole (in the ground), and looks objectively at the state of our politics and our world, will see that we have far too many “elected” leaders who are really nothing more than monkeys playing with sticks of dynamite. It’s long overdue for the adults to take back control of the animal farm. The problem is that we have been so divided by the politics of hate and greed that it seems like the only thing that can heal the breach is a really obvious in-your-face kind of common enemy. So the novelist in me keeps hoping we face an alien invasion from outer space, because nothing else will likely save us from ourselves and nothing else will get the attention of all the ostriches. Though I suspect we would still have far too many monkeys playing with dynamite claiming Hillary is behind the invasion and factory farms full of ostriches believing the crazy monkeys.