Writing Samples

Here are some samples of my work. You can also find Kindle samples on Amazon along with the complete books.

The published op-eds and magazine articles will give you a good feel for my nonfiction work.

The sample chapters from my novels will give you a good feel for my published fiction. Though what I write is really nonfiction wrapped in fiction.

2001 to 2007 – Immortality, bestseller, click for PDF sample

2007 to 2014 – Ghost of the Gods, bestseller, click for PDF sample

2014 to 2023 – Handwriting in Water, complete and currently being shopped, click for PDF sample

2016 to Present – Op-eds that have been published in the largest circulation newspapers in their respective metropolitan areas of 1.6M to 6M people, click for samples

2004 – Sample of computer magazine articles I’ve written. This one was in Smart Computing: “Cut the ties that Bind” click for PDF reprint