The Devil is in the Subsidies

There has been a lot of news about getting rid of the $7500 Electric Vehicle (EV) tax credit in the House version of the GOP’s new tax bill—the Senate version put it back in (for now). When I look at the comments people post about these news stories it shows the reckless irresponsible damage the GOP has done to EVs over the years. EVs became a political punching bag for petulant GOP candidates simply because EVs are something that is green, and we all know that anything green is BAD, unless of course it is money, and especially if it’s a political donation. It’s so rare to find a politician that is not acting like some monkey playing with dynamite.

Step right up for the GOP’s great e-car conspiracy. The GOP attacks GM for their successful green EVs. The GOP attacks Tesla for their successful green EVs. Oddly the GOP does not single out foreign companies for their green EVs. I guess they only hate American companies making EVs? American companies making EVs is obviously so unpatriotic. Go figure.

Many of the posted comments about the $7500 EV tax credit go something like this: Electric cars are a boondoggle that would not exist in the glorious free market except for the $7500 tax break (subsidy). So let’s get rid of it and end this plague of EVs.

What I say to these kinds of comments is this: Global subsidies given to the fossil fuel industry is estimated at $5.3 trillion annually. Get rid of U.S. fossil fuel subsidies for exploration and production at $20.5 billion per year. Raise the price of gas to include the cost for health and environmental damage instead of cost shifting it. This would give us something like a $6-$7 per gallon price at the pump. When all this is done then we can talk about level playing fields and getting rid of the $7500 EV tax credit. Until then claiming, as so many monkeys playing with dynamite do, that EV sales are artificially inflated over gas car sales because of the $7500 tax break is… well… pure monkey business…

The Great E-Car Conspiracy: