Dead Dinosaur are Bad for Our Health

The Earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling called the Milankovitch cycle. It is this cycle that brings us ice ages and warm ages. This cycle takes about 100,000 years and is governed by the clockwork movement of the Earth around the Sun, shifts in the tilt of the Earth, and other lessor factors. The biggest natural factor is the mildly elliptical eccentricity of Earth’s orbit. The point is that this cycle is indisputably understandable, verifiable, and for all practical purposes, universally agreed upon in science.

About 10,000 years ago, the natural cycle reached peak temperature, and the Earth began cooling. This cooling tread continued until a sharp reversal in cooling occurred when humankind started pumping out CO2 during the industrial revolution. 

The primary cause of global warming is CO2. The single biggest source of humanmade CO2 is our cars and other forms of transportation. 

So this is why 97% of scientists agree humanmade climate change is real and that we have to deal with it. Those who are solely educated by far-right media refuse to face this reality and come up with an endless parade of fact-free conspiracy theories, including crazy things like 97% of the scientists are on the take and brainwashing people, or maybe it’s the UN with their black helicopters?

The UK is banning all fossil fuel car sales by 2035. Obviously, the conservative party in control of the UK must have been brainwashed by the evil cabal of scientists. Many other countries are taking similar measures like the UK, including China, all obviously victims of the same global conspiracy of scientists. Many more countries are encouraging their citizens to reduce their use of fossil fuels. 

Here in the USA, we are doing the opposite. Here the dead dinosaur “machine” boasts we are the #1 exporter of oil in the world (which is sadly true). What is also true is that this same machine is lying to us by telling us climate change is not real through their mouthpieces in the far-right media and far-right politics. This is the same kind of suicidally greedy machine that told us tobacco is good for you and that pesticides are not dangerous. Who should we believe scientists or the dead dinosaur machine? Follow the money.