Tesla CyberTruck Strikes a Nerve

When I first saw the new Tesla CyberTruck, I thought OMG, Tesla has lost its mind. This thing looks like belongs on the set of Star Wars or Damnation Alley… Then I thought about the specs and realized this is one hell of a truck. Then I thought about the price and that this was one hell of a deal. After that, the truck started to look cooler and cooler. Now, I love what moments ago I feared.


I bought one of the first Infiniti FX35 SUVs when they came out in the early 2000s. The car was so unusual looking, people would stop me and ask about it. This CyberTruck is the NEXT same thing.

I put down a reservation for one last night! I really did. I ordered the tri-motor + full self-driving. I don’t really care about the extra power of the tri-motor (I am lying). I just wanted the 500-mile range. I own a Model S 100D, and my wife has a Model 3 LR AWD. So why not get one of almost everything Tesla makes? Three is a lucky number. Right?

Though what really sold me was the added bonus for people living in Florida like my wife and I. We need something to escape the superstorms heading our way. No, seriously. With 500 miles of range, 16″ ground clearance, and bulletproof body and glass, this is just the thing. It’s right out of a dystopian sci-fi, and I am a sci-fi author, and the Florida coastline is heading toward a dystopian future thanks to climate change. Makes sense?

Almost all dystopian kidding aside, I think Tesla is going to surprise the world and sell a ton of these monster Cybertrucks. People are missing the point. This is not a pickup truck made just for Joe Pickup Truck. This is a truck for a whole different group of people, urban people, along with Joe Pickup.