Don’t ignore dream warnings

It’s an ironic synchronicity that the day after I posted about precognitive dreams, I had a precog dream warning that I ignored! The dream turned out to be a health warning. I dreamt there was what I called a live octopus in my medicine cabinet. The dream was very vivid and brimming with anxiety. The octopus did not look anything like well… an octopus… It was about a foot long and shaped exactly like a vitamin capsule. It had an odd vivid streaked color. The “octopus” was dangerous and could bite anyone that got close to it. I had to get rid of the “octopus” before it hurt someone, but did not know how.

When I woke, I knew the dream was a warning. I puzzled over it in my dream journal then gave up. It’s not like I get dream warnings every day of the week, and so I assumed it was nothing urgent. At breakfast, as I ate, I swallowed a large orange colored supplement capsule and somehow almost fully aspirated it.

The capsule was caught deep in my wind pipe and I feared it was heading toward being lodged in my lungs. The capsule was partially constricting my ability to breathe and well… freaking me out… There was an odd wheezing with every strained breath. I could not cough up the capsule. My fiancée Dana and I tried everything. Panic began to set in. I could not stop coughing. Before we dialed 911, I laid over the edge of a bed and coughed upside down. After a minute or two of this the capsule dislodged.

The capsule had a vivid streaked color that was clearly the same as the octopus in my dream! My dreams were trying to warn me but I ignored the warning! Dreams are a mystery hidden in plain sight. Was it my super-subconscious-self that was warning me through a dream? Was it something else even less fathomable?

P.S. If your curious, the capsule was a curcumin supplement. Curcumin is an extract from the Indian spice Turmeric. Concentrated curcumin has a bitter spicy bite to it…. Hmmm… my octopus also had a bite to it…