Dreams that come true?

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? There are countless examples from history about warnings coming to people in their dreams. We have the famous—or is it infamous—account of Lincoln’s dream of his assassination. A few days before he was assassinated, Lincoln shared a dream with his wife and others. In the dream, he awoke to hear weeping. Following the mournful sounds, he walked into the East Room of the White House to find a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. The face was concealed behind a shroud. Lincoln asked a guard, “Who is dead in the White House?” The guard replied, “The president. He was killed by an assassin.”

As you might guess—as the author of a book titled Dream Signs—I am fascinated by what we call dreams. I have been exploring and researching dreams for much of my life. In my dream journal I have recorded countless precognitive dreams. I believe everyone has precognitive dreams but in our “advanced” society we’ve been taught from childhood to ignore our dreams. After all… go back to sleep… it was only a dream…

Out of all the precognitive dreams I’ve recorded, one experience stands out more than any other. This set of dreams happened in the early morning on January 14, 2014. At that time I was living in an oceanfront house on the sand in Oceano California. I had a series of extremely vivid dreams in which I was on a small vintage plane that crashed. In more than one of these dreams I was afraid to get on the small plane because I knew it was doomed. In one of the dreams I was a passenger sitting in the copilot seat, and realized with great concern that I knew more about the plane than the pilot!

When I woke, these dreams seemed very uncharacteristic and odd. I love to fly and have no fear of planes. After jotting all this down in my dream journal, I stared at a panoramic view of the ocean and sand through the wall of glass that was in my living room. The view felt strangely ominous. Trying to understand these emotions, I went outside for a walk on the beach, which is something I did every morning. As I started down the beach I heard a loud slap in the water. I assumed it was someone wiping out on a jet ski and thought nothing more of it.

As I continued down the beach, life guard and fire rescue trucks came down the beach in the opposite direction. Again, I thought nothing of this since people were often injured on this beach because people were allowed to drive dune buggies and other off-road vehicles across the dunes. Oceano is a state park and as far as I know the only beach in California where cars are allow to drive on the sand. Sadly crazy but true… anyway…

After about thirty minutes, I turned back toward my house. As I got closer I was surprised to find television crews, police, and fire department vehicles all over the beach. Out over the water I saw rescue helicopters and boats. I thought whoever wiped out on the jet ski must have been lost or drowned.

When I got home I wrote a personal Facebook rant about how foolish the tourists were at Oceano with their rented dune buggies from hell and jet skis tearing all over the place. They had no idea what they were doing and constantly getting hurt.

A friend who lived in Oceano posted back to me a short time later that it was not a jet ski accident. A private plane had crashed into the ocean. I looked up from my computer at the wall of glass. The rescue helicopters and boats where directly in front of my house about 2,000 feet out over the ocean. The small plane had crashed right in my “back yard” in plain view from my sofa. I later learned that all on the plane had perished. Human remains were soon washing up on the sand in front of my house.


I believe dreams are far more than we can imagine. I suspect we are constantly getting advice and warnings from our dreams, but who remembers their dreams? We live in a world that has become so materialistic that we are largely unable to see the nonmaterialistic treasures we have. There are “less” advanced societies that believe we dream everything before it happens. In the prior century, Winston Churchill dreamed of a woman like Eleanor Roosevelt becoming the President of the United States.  Churchill was known for his apparent clairvoyance. I wonder if his dreamed Eleanor Roosevelt was Hillary Clinton?

Sweet dreams…

Newspaper report on the crash: