Genre – Help me I am melting!!

What genre is my work… really?… I mean it… I am struggling with this seemingly straightforward question. My books are labeled as techno-thrillers but there are strong metaphysical themes running through my books as well as technological themes. Some would call the metaphysical aspects paranormal but that word seems to conjure images of ghosts and other facets of supernatural fiction that have nothing to do with my work.

I am thinking about calling my books metaphysical techno-thrillers but maybe that is just to confusing? What about paranormal techno-thriller or just paranormal thriller? I think the term metaphysical well suits my books but I am worried that some new readers will not understand what is meant by metaphysical and not read my books as a result. 

The novel I am currently finishing up a first draft on is named Dream Signs. This novel stretches the genre even more than my prior works and has more paranormal aspects in it dealing with lucid dreams and out of body experiences but everything in Dream Signs is contained within a scientific framework of what is possible.

So I am looking for your thoughts. Tell me what genre you think my work falls into… Make one up if you like. You can post to my author’s Facebook page or message me through Facebook. Tell me what you think!