Global Warming

Immortality and Ghost of the Gods are set in a time when global warming is just becoming a problem (i.e. today). The sad thing is all the problems and causes that I wrote about in Immortality in 2007 are still with us today along with new problems we have added with the best of intensions.

A “big surprise” is that some of the current policies implemented to reduce climate change are causing greater releases of greenhouse gases and making the problem worse instead of better! This is occurring because we lack a holistic approach.

One example of this crazy Monty Python like boomerang effect can be found in the regulations to reduce reliance on coal-fired power plants. While this is a good thing in isolation, the unintended consequence is a move to natural gas without any thought as to where the natural gas comes from. This move to natural gas has caused more greenhouse gases to be released than burning coal because fracking is being used to harvest natural gas and the greenhouse emissions from fracking far outweighs the benefits from switching off coal. So the Monty Python joke is on us and our children!