The Masters of the Universe have it all figured out!

News flash… Superstorm hits Florida Panhandle… Michael is the worst storm in 100 years to hit the panhandle, and it’s likely heading next to the Carolinas as a tropical storm to dump more rain. You know, the Carolinas, that other place that was just hit by a stalled superstorm named Florence a few weeks ago.

News flash… A landmark report from a United Nations’ scientific panel warns us that global warming could be a worse problem far sooner then we think.

News Flash… Republicans have a solution in the form of some new laws. They are pushing to repeal the federal electric car tax credit, and propose a brand new tax on all electric plugin cars. So they want to tax electric cars more. That way we’ll have fewer dirty nasty “inconvenient truth” electric cars on the road. Also, let’s not forget, the Republicans want to sue California for trying to have better MPG goals and clean air goals. Why? Because we all need more smog and greenhouse gases, right?

I am so glad to see these GOP Masters of the Universe have a good solid grip on things. What this country and the world needs is more gas-powered cars and fewer electric cars and more pollution [sarcasm]… Everyone knows that, right?

Here’s some Science for Dummies for all the deniers of all that inconvenient climate-change data that all those darn scientific experts keep cooking up.