Diversity is essential in everything

ssvs-kb_128Meltdown and Spectre security exploits sound like something from a James Bond movie, and it should! This security problem with computer chips affects almost everyone’s computers and mobile devices… and it will be exploited sometime soon

This mess is one more argument for “diversity” in everything—and I mean everything. Big corporations do not like diversity because it costs more money even though diversity leads to greater health and resiliency everywhere and in everything. All the way from a lack of diversity in the workforce to monocrop farming to monopolies to the DNA in our silicon chips, again and again to save a buck we expose ourselves to single points of failure that can be catastrophic.

in this case, everything from every IBM type of computer to Apple used the same defective logic in their computer chips, and now everyone is vulnerable. These big corporations are like a herd of lemming elephants all running off the same cliff to save a few bucks. So far Apple is still the best and safest of the herd, but vulnerable none the less. The only two solutions are: replace every chip in every affected computer and mobile device or slow everything down, and some older things will slow down to a crawl.