Miami, a refreshing new state of mind!

ssvs-kb_128We just moved from Redondo Beach Los Angeles to South Florida, a.k.a. the Miami area. Do you want to see how refreshing my new home state (of mind) is?… South Miami just passed a law that all new homes must be built with solar panels on the roof. It’s thrilling to see this kind of forward thinking.

It’s easy to see why South Florida is starting to work hard to do its part to blunt the coming storm called global warming. Florida will be one of the first states to lose coastline to already rising sea levels. Miami is already experiencing unprecedented flooding problems as are other Atlantic states from Florida to New Hampshire, and let’s not forget Texas and Louisiana. As the ice caps continue to melt, our coastlines will begin to dissolve away into the sea. People are losing their homes which they have owned for decades. In some cases simply because they can’t afford the insurance bill. In many cases these homes were purchased long before climate change was on anyone’s radar screen. Most of these homes are not oceanfront mansions. These homes can be dozens of miles inland in places like Florida and other Gulf Coast states.

It’s a shame so many other areas of the country are not experiencing these early shockwaves from the coming storm. If they were then we’d stand a better chance of mitigating the damage we are all causing. I have driven an electric car for many years as one of the ways I can make a small difference. It’s like tossing a pebble into a pond. No one pebble will change the pond, but millions of pebbles will. Our little planet would be far healthier and less polluted if everyone tossed in a pebble or two in whatever way they could.

As for my new home state (of mind), in the face of the undeniable cause and effect of climate change, Florida should be doing more such as making this new solar panel law statewide or offering e-car incentives like other states, but sadly Florida is doing none of this… Why? Short sightedness? Low information? The “rational-thought-paralyzing” never ending gridlock war between the far left and far right? Take your pick or pick them all or add some of your own.

Miami just did something great and should be applauded. Isn’t it time the rest of Florida joined the “we’re all in this together” club and started taking steps to reverse the environmental damage to which we have all contributed? Isn’t it time the rest of the nation joined in?

Here’s the full story on Miami’s new law:

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