War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength

I’d file this one under scary but true… Politicians of all stripes, but especially Republicans really need to stop acting like they’re living inside George Orwell’s 1984’s story. The GOP keeps pushing bills with the word “Freedom” in the title when the bills themselves are taking away our freedom. It’s an echo of the line from Orwell’s book: “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.”

It is just plain creepy that GOP bills are doing things torn from the plot of 1984. Did they read the book and decide it’s a great action plan or are they doing this in complete ignorance of 1984 and many other political works of fiction?

The latest GOP bill is the “Restoring Internet Freedom Act” which crushes Net Neutrality forever and takes away everyone’s individual freedom forever by giving huge corporations the freedom to squash the little guy. Net Neutrality already received a huge kick in the teeth from the new Trump appointed head of the FCC, but that was not enough. The GOP wants to put a stake in freedom’s heart and kill it forever.

Net Neutrality levels the playing field so that small businesses can compete with huge corporations by given them both equal broadcast reach. Net Neutrality gives individuals like you the ability to speak publicly on websites with equal broadcast reach to large corporations or politicians. Net Neutrality is the analog to freedom of speech on the Internet… And guess what? The GOP is crushing this form of freedom of speech with their “Internet Freedom Act.” At times it feels like the GOP is out to kill everyone that disagrees with them by setting them “free.”