Smart bacteria have invaded Earth and science will not save us!

“It was recently discovered that bacteria communicate using similar electrical signaling as neurons in the human brain!” This should be a line from a science fiction novel but it is not…

Scientists at UCSD have discovered that bacteria talk with each other like neurons. Is it such a big leap from this discovery to learning that bacterial colonies collectively function at a higher level of awareness than a simple single cell organism? Perhaps the bacteria in our gut really are a second brain as some doctors have theorized, only more so than we ever imagined. Bacteria were very likely the first life form on Earth billions of years ago. Some scientists, including a Nobel Laureate or two, speculate Earth was seeded with bacteria from space.

In my bestselling novel Immortality (pub 2007) bacteria called COBIC communicate electrically and are collectively very intelligent. There were many events and discoveries that I wrote about in Immortality that were science fiction when I created the book and are now science fact. Maybe we can now add one more item to that list: Smart Bacteria?

I wonder if that second bacterial brain in our gut senses the damage we are doing to our only home, the Earth, and is begging us to stop before we make Earth unlivable… What a stomach ache?

We in our advanced society take comfort in thinking that we are on track to discover all there is to know and that science is zeroing in on more explanations every day but the truth is we know so very little. The history of science is one of brilliant theories proven wrong and replaced by newer brilliant theories, only to have those newer theories replaced too. It is in an eternal cycle of science which quite often has nothing to do with refinement of theories and everything to do with chaotic revolution.

Scientists recently “proved” that quantum entanglement is a reality. Arguably the greatest physicist in the history of the world, Einstein thought quantum entanglement was ridiculous and called it “Spooky action at a distance.” Now quantum entanglement is very close to becoming “scientific fact.” What’s next? In a few years another quantum mechanic’s theory will be proven and the headline will be that reality only exists in our minds because matter does not take form until we focus thought on it… which is another way of saying reality is a kind of dream… and reality being “mentally malleable” is the explanation for spooky action at a distance.

This new powerful evidence that quantum entanglement is a reality is earthshattering for science. It breaks a core principal of the study of physics called locality which states an object is directly influenced only by its immediate surroundings. So spooky action at a distance is real. Instantaneous communication across the universe is real. If our brains work utilizing quantum mechanics as many believe then entanglement makes our brains transceivers of data and not the ultimate repository of that data… and what that idea leads to is wonderfully delicious heresy of the soul…

Kevin Bohacz

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