Empty Nest Syndrome

CoverArt1-small thumbThere’s always a melancholy feeling haunting me when I complete a novel. This one is my fifth. Sure I feel excitement but I also feel lost and disconnected from the world as if a best friend just passed away. I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to stay connected with the novel but also know some distance is healthy for my writing… I mourn… I laugh at myself…

So here I am wandering around my very urban town house in San Jose wondering what to do now and watching people wander by below on the city streets. Lunch was a BBQ pizza followed by a mood enhancer known as Godiva Chocolate from the boutique, not the box. Dana is at school teaching contemporary ballet. I have my next novel The Bridge waiting for me seductively but I don’t want to be unfaithful… I don’t want to cheat… I want to tell everyone about this novel I am so in love with but need to wait until it is back from my editor who also does editing for New York Times bestselling authors such as Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Whitley Strieber.

I promise to post an excerpt from my beloved Dream Signs very soon. Until then here is a blurb I started working on which tells a little bit about the story. What do you think? Does this wet your appetite?

Dream Signs

The reality is we never experience reality we only experience what is inside our minds. Your life, my life, everyone’s life is a vast consensual lucid dream within a dream, a naturally occurring virtual reality in which we are all entangled and the only way to wake up is to go to sleep or die.

Some people have mastered the art of dreams of clarity, and through that learned how to mentally influence the virtual reality of others. This hard earned knowledge has made them some of the most powerful people alive. These truths and skills are the greatest esoteric mysteries hidden in plain sight for epoch after epoch, for these skills not only unlock our lucid dreams masquerading as objective reality, but the mystery of life itself, and the great cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Tibetan Dream Yoga is but one part of these hidden truths as are the esoteric teachings of many other great religions.

Michael Smith is a true man of science, though Smith is not his real name. He is a Berkeley professor of anthropology and archeology who is about to receive his 15 minutes of fame. For his entire life he has been obsessed with seeking that one great find that changes history as we know it. After terrible hardship, he has unearthed something impossibly ancient for which he has been searching, but it is also something for which he has no more comprehension than ant has for the sole of a boot. Holding onto this discovery may cost him everything and everyone he loves.

Smith suddenly finds he is caught in the center of both a great conspiracy and deadly conflict to monopolize this power to influence people. Right and wrong soon become blurred in his race to recover long lost ancient technology in a world where lucid dreams and reality are often confused. At times Smith wonders if he is going insane. His confusion is not an accident. There is someone out there in the shadows seeking to steal the ancient technology Smith has discovered and bring about a dark future for all mankind.

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