I built a bridge, now what?

So I have completed the first two books in The Bridge series, and I am jumping up and down excited. It’s been a long road that lasted two years. I love writing but hate what comes after writing. It’s called getting your book published.

I thought I had everything all lined up for The Bridge. When I started the project two years ago, I had a legendary sci-fi agent telling me he wanted to agent this project. He encouraged me to put other books aside and go for it. What could go wrong?

Last week, I sent the legendary agent an email announcing mission accomplished, the project was done, and asked when he would be able to read the two books. I got an immediate email back from the agent telling me he was terribly sorry, but in the interim, he had turned eighty-something and was all but retiring. Disappointed? You bet I am.

So now I am sitting here with the two best books I’ve ever written and three more in the series at various stages, and I find myself starting all over again! It feels like Groundhog Day (no offense to my friend Danny Rubin).

My two #1 ranked bestselling sci-fi books were indie. Why not go indie again?

In 2014, when Publisher’s Weekly labeled me as one of the “Writers Who Rocked Self-Publishing” it felt great, but I never wanted to do it again. Indie publishing is exhausting. Sure I made almost enough money to retire, but I did not sleep for years and years and years. Indie publishing, when done right demands far too much work, and I have learned that time as a writer is better spent doing… you guessed it… writing. When my second bestseller was published and climbed the ranks to become a #1 bestselling sci-fi and techno-thriller on Amazon, I had no book to follow it up with, and no time to write because I was spending all my time running a mini-publishing business.

I am not sure how long it will take to get The Bridge published. First I have to find a new agent then the agent has to fall in love with the books then the agent has to shop the books then the publisher has to buy the books then the publisher has to publish the books. It all makes me want to cry.

I also have another finished novel, Dream Signs that is in the proverbial film can and being held back for The Bridge to be published first. I was warned by a sage literary business manager, not to publish Dream Signs until I had a backlog of books to feed the beast. I could not afford to lose all the momentum again as I did with my two bestsellers so many years ago. So now I have that backlog of books, but I can’t find the beast. Punxsutawney Phil, where are you when I need you?

P.S. You can read a little more about my adventures with my two indie bestsellers in this Publisher’s Weekly interview of me: “The World has Completely Changed