Want Immortality?


Amazon is running a sale for the Kindle edition of my #1 bestselling techno-thriller Immortality. For the next few days you can buy my novel for $0.99 then it goes up to $1.99 for a few more days then back to its normal price.


Publisher’s Weekly STARRED review – Bohacz’s vision of a humanity that faces the need to evolve profoundly or face certain destruction is as timely as today’s news and as chilling a doomsday scenario as any ecological catastrophe can suggest.

Kirkus – There is enough power in the premise to leave readers reeling. A novel that will surprise fans of science-fiction and doomsday scenarios.

Sci-Fi Reader – 4Stars – This book manages to do what all the best sci-fi does – provide a thought-provoking, alternative viewpoint on the business of existence. I recommend you give it a go.