First draft of Dream Signs is complete

Definition: A “dream sign” is a portal to lucidity, an event that can trigger a lucid dream…

Hey everyone I just completed the first draft of my new novel Dream Signs and am now in the midst of polishing it till it shines. I’m deeply in love with the story and the ending will blow away the most jaded readers.

Dream Signs is about a great mystery hidden in plain sight. We’ve all been told, “It’s only a dream go back to sleep.” This simple statement is so at odds with many of the great schools of ancient psychology that teach us “reality” is a special kind of dream and the last thing we should do is go back to sleep. The goal of almost all those ancient mystery schools is human evolution. Ages ago did those schools possess some great power or secret about life that we have forgotten?

Dream Signs is about the rediscovery of that mysterious power. Dream Signs is about what happens if we don’t go back to sleep. Lucid dreams and reality can be indistinguishable. We all have lucid dreams but most of us don’t remember them as dreams. I suspect we all have lucid dreams every night that we forget or confuse with reality! What if some of your memories are memories of lucid dreams and not memories of things that “really” happened? I have identified personal memories from years ago to as far back as childhood that could not have possibly happened and am now convinced were memories of vivid lucid dreams. How many of us are walking around with these “false” memories? Wouldn’t that make what we think of as “reality” at least partially a dream?

Dream Signs is about what happens when our lucid dreams and reality start to become the same mentally malleable experience. What if we rediscovered ancient technology and knowledge that could enhance this power? Would that trip down the lucid dream rabbit hole lead to madness or genius?

For those of you out there who have had hyperreal vivid lucid dreams, you know those dreams can be experiences far realer than “reality.” What if those dreams are in fact journeys into ephemeral consensual realities? Many people claim to have experienced shared dreams… I have… What about you?

Care to examine your memories and see if you find any that could not have possibly occurred. What if for some people life changing moments they believe happened in their past were really lucid dreams? We all know the story about several people witnessing a traffic accident and describing something different. While awake we are constantly mixing “dreams” with “reality” just as we do at night with our eyes closed. Modern science reasonably theorizes all experiences are internalized. In other words we all live within a virtual reality projected inside our heads that sometimes matches consensual reality and sometimes does not. Isn’t a virtual reality projected inside our heads another description of what we also call a dream? What about near death experiences or out of body experiences? Are these mysterious events evidence that we do not require a functional brain to dream or live?

What if conscious dreaming is a gateway to power, a way to break through the noise and experience reality for what it is, something more mentally malleable than we dare think or believe? What if through conscious dreaming you alter your consensual reality-dream? Might others sharing the same consensual reality-dream be affected by that change? Wouldn’t that then be the same as altering “reality?” Even if it were nothing more than altering someone’s memory of their reality-dream wouldn’t that be a very powerful ability akin to thought control?

Throughout history people have sought absolute power for selfish destructive ends. Maybe the struggle between good and evil that we sometimes sense happening all around us is far more real than we dare suspect? Dream Signs is about this never ending battle for control of our dreams, our minds, and our very lives.